4.  Make sure your focusing on the eyes.  Keep your focal point on the eyes, this is a must with any portrait of animals or people.  Eye’s are windows into your pets soul and they can be very expressive.  

5 Tips to take better Pet Photos With Any Camera From Cell to Pro. 

​3.  Let the animal explore the room a little and sniff things out.  They are curious and want to know that they are safe in the space that they are in.  Show them the camera and make it flash a few times so they know it won’t hurt them.   While they are checking out your gear, talk in a fun and happy voice; ;ots of petting and telling them good boy or girl.   After a few minutes they will start looking for stimuli which is when you might pull out a toy or favorite treat.    

5.  Be Patient!!!  This is probably the most important tip.  Keep working with your pets, don’t give up.  My best shots are usually my last ones.  I prefer to end my shoot on a good note.  

   When I was trying to decide what tips I would share with people, I realized I wanted to share ideas that  photographers can use weather they are an amateur with a cell phone or a seasoned professional using a pro camera.  Everyone loves fur babies and  want to capture the best images possible.  Here are a few things anyone can do to capture really great images. 

​1.  Let a dog be a dog and a cat be a cat.  Learn what motivates them to do what you want!! :)  All pets have a favorite toy, treats or game they like to play.  Talk with the owners and ask them to bring their pets favorite items.  If you are the owner, you already know what motivates your pet!! Let them play and have fun.  Have the dogs sit, speak and do tricks for treats.  Some dogs are best in there element playing fetch or running through a field.  You can get some really beautiful running shots letting them just run and play fetch.   Cats are a little different since you really can’t train a cat.  You have to coax them to get up on the table or be in the controlled spot you want them in to take the photo. For cat’s I usually keep a periscoping toy or laser light on hand.   I have my assistant (this could be a friend or family member) play laser with the cat.  After about a minute of getting the cat really excited I have my assistant  point it on my forehead.  You can get some really intense and wild captures with this technique.  If your photographing someone else pet I would say to always ask the owner if you can use a laser on there pet since some people would rather you not do it. 

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Tiger Lily Photography

2.  Get down on there level.  Just like photographing kids, you want to get down to the pets eye level.  This helps you get a more intimate photograph and you are more drawn into their world.  Because the connection with your pet is much deeper, so is the connection between your portrait and the viewer.  Not to mention this action of getting down to their level shows a respect for the animal you are photographing.